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Designer Suites That Touch on All the Senses

The Palace hotel is home to a stylish and unique environment. This is clearly seen when it comes to hosting their guests. Apart from the comfort, the deluxe, the superior, the executive rooms and the junior suites, this 5-star hotel offers luxury designer suites that are one of a kind.

All the suites at The Palace evoke a sense of intimacy and comfort. However, there’s also a feel of luxury and sophistication at the same time. All these suites are specifically designed to provide maximum enjoyment and boost the overall experience for each guest.

You can only find these six distinct and exclusive designer suites at The Palace. Ranging from View, Texture, Music, Light, Flavours and Fragrance, these suites are all truly individual masterpieces. With innovative themes and unique features, they are inspired by the senses and evoke luxury at its best.

What’s so Special About These Suites?

Apart from benefiting from luxury service and ambience, these designer suites are all unique and special in their own way. You can almost taste the Flavours Suite while the View Suite is a splendid sight for the eyes. They provide an ideal setting for honeymooners or for couples who are looking to escape from their daily routine for a few days. There’s nothing more romantic than our suites in Sliema.

You will experience nothing short of the best at the designer suites in Sliema. For bookings or more information, please contact reservations at The Palace now.

The Different Designer Suites

Flavours Suite - The Palace Malta

Flavours Suite – Tastefully Vibrant

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Fragrance Suite - The Palace Malta

Fragrance Suite – A Scent of Indulgence

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Light Suite - The Palace Malta

Light Suite – Illuminate your Dreams

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Music Suite – Play to the Beat

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Texture Suite - The Palace Malta

Texture Suite – Soft and Chic

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View Suite - The Palace Malta

View Suite – For Your Eyes Only

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