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Museum of Fine Arts (MUŻA), Malta

Once again, Malta was featured as a must-view country; this time for a promising museum that will open its doors in 2018. The Architectural Digest rated MUŻA, the Museum of Fine Arts, as one of..

Why You Should Visit Malta in 2018

Lonely Planet chose the top ten countries to visit in 2018 and Malta was on the list! Reigning at number 6, Lonely Planet picked our Maltese Islands as one of the top countries worthy of..

A Special Christmas Market in Sliema

Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone is frantically trying to shop around for the best gifts to give to their loved ones on Christmas day. The Christmas market in Sliema is organised by Souvenirs..

Top Weekend Activities in Malta

Shopping, Sightseeing, drinking, and more. You’ve booked your flight and your accommodation is sorted at one of our Sliema hotels. But what do you do once you get here – especially during the weekend? You’ve..

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