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Facilities at The Palace Hotel

Leisure facilities in Malta

Enjoy the traditional Sliema hustle and bustle and return to serene ‘The Palace Hotel’ to unwind and relax on a journey of indulgence. This hotel’s top floors are equipped and well liked for the extensive range of leisure facilities in Malta, including a spa that is strategically spread out on three levels, including a fresh water indoor pool, an outdoor pool, wellbeing club and a fitness centre operated by Profile Health & Fitness, part of Profile Health Group who operate corporate wellness solutions in London & Dubai. This fitness club is unique in offering total wellness programs for clients in Malta who require a higher level of expertise and a private, quiet facility.


Leisure Facilities Malta - The Palace


Health and Fitness Centre at The Palace Hotel Information about Fitness: In the health and fitness room you [...]

The Palace - Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

Information about the Indoor Pool in Malta – The Palace Hotel: The hotel offers a fresh water indoor pool ..

Outdoor rooftop Pool Malta - The Palace

Outdoor Pool

Information about The Palace Hotel’s Outdoor Pool in Malta: For those hot summer days you can go up..

Spa and Well being Malta - The Palace

Spa and Wellbeing

Spa Packages in Sliema: Enjoy some Spa packages in Sliema with a treatment offering a range of luxurious..

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