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Over 5,000 Tulips Given Out by Confexx


AX The Palace was given 5,000 tulips on the 27th March as a thank you gesture from one of its suppliers, Confexx, a German company which helped in the refurbishment process of AX The Palace. This company’s main focus is in the textile industry.


Tulips are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers that blossom during springtime. Tulips also have historical and cultural significance, specifically in the Muslim faith and in Turkey and Iran. In Christianity, this plant symbolises passion.


AX The Palace, a 5 – star luxurious hotel in the heart of Sliema, recently refurbished its rooms. Our passion lies in our first-class service which was never faltered, but after 10 years in service, the rooms needed a revamp to keep up with modern day trends.


All the rooms have now been refurbished with a new design portraying different wallpapers, materials and new wardrobes. Each and every colour has been chosen to complement each other and ultimately give the guest a relaxing feeling when staying at AX The Palace. Technological advancements have also been made to the rooms such as new lighting features, a stronger and more durable Wi-Fi connection and larger TV screens.


The management of AX The Palace would like to thank Confexx for the constant support and help they have shown during the renovation and for the lovely gesture of gifting us with 5,000 tulips. Confexx surely made an impact, both on the refurbishment process and on the guests’ faces.


Book your stay today at AX The Palace and stay in one of our recently refurbished rooms today.

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