AX The Palace Welcomes its First Guests After the Pandemic

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The first guests are visiting Malta for the first time to celebrate their anniversary


AX The Palace has been eager to welcome its first guests after the sudden closure of all touristic attractions, back in March. Wednesday 1st July 2020 marks the day that Malta’s International Airport re-opened to greet its first guests after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Flying from Munich to Malta, AX The Palace’s first guests are two Americans who are eager to celebrate their relocation anniversary of moving to Europe. And what better way to celebrate than by taking a flight and landing on our beautiful island after months of restriction? Malta has officially been declared are no longer in a state of emergency and all restrictions have been lifted as of the 1st of July.

On the arrival of AX Hotels Sliema’s first guests, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, Hospitality Director at AX Hotels, claims, ‘We are thrilled that Malta has finally opened its doors to tourists again. We’re having a good response from different markets who would like Malta to be their next destination. With the airports re-opening and the re-opening of the rest of our hotels and outlets, the tourism industry is, slowly, but surely starting to gain momentum’.


Mr Kevin Callus, General Manager of AX Hotels Sliema, was present to greet his first guests and give them the warm welcome that they deserve. ‘The numbers are encouraging and we are pleased to see such a positive response towards our properties’, claims Mr Callus. ‘The team has been well trained to abide by all the safety measures and restrictions to ensure a secure environment for all. We look forward to welcoming more guests and fill all our properties with the warmth that they deserve’.


AX Hotels Sliema wishes all the best towards its first guests, particularly on their relocation anniversary, and eagerly welcomes all its future guests to its properties.

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