Mangano inaugurates second outlet at AX The Palace

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AX The Palace Hotel in Sliema hosts the 1st year anniversary and the opening of the second store of Mangano Malta


During the same night, Mangano Malta were also celebrating their 1st year anniversary, from opening their popular store in Bisazza Street, Sliema.


The new outlet at AX The Palace was unveiled to media representatives and fashion bloggers by the CEO of Mangano, Mr Antonio Mangano who came specifically to Malta for this fashionable event. The Director of Mangano Malta, Ms Romualda Vella and the Hospitality Director at AX Hotels, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb were also present for this special occasion.


“Today we are celebrating another important milestone in our corporate and business cooperation with Mangano. We are thrilled and excited that such a prestigious and respected fashion brand has set up shop in the hotel. This proves that since last year, both AX The Palace and Mangano have worked hard to fortify the partnership, which started slowly with events, discounts, and other marketing efforts. It has always been our goal to get AX The Palace, in the high-end fashion scene and to work with an international fashion brand such as Mangano. Undoubtedly the decision to work together has proved us right, as Mangano’s designs and brand match very well with the trademark of AX The Palace, and complement our uniquely designed suites from The Designer Suite Collection” said Ms Zammit Xuereb.


On behalf of Mangano, Ms Vella expressed her gratitude towards Ms Zammit Xuereb, AX The Palace and AX Hotels, for their continuous support and dedication. She claimed that Mangano are happy that the brand has developed and established itself as a leading international fashion brand in the Maltese islands. Moreover, Mangano are enthusiastic to have expanded and opened another outlet at AX The Palace, “where not only locals but foreigners too, can get to try the Italian fashion brand.”


The opening of Mangano’s second outlet at AX The Palace was followed by a reception in front of the outlet in Bisazza Street, for which AX The Palace provided the catering. Guests enjoyed a fashion show, prosecco and sweet treats created by the talented chefs of AX The Palace.

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