Valletta 2018 Official Opening

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Discover events such as the Festa, musical performances, exhibitions, history and more!


2018 is the European Capital of Culture year for Valletta. Visit the capital from the 14th to the 21st January for the official opening. The opening is going to start off with a bang – with the traditional Maltese Festa bringing life to the capital’s streets.


The cultural programme will start in our capital city and progress to towns and villages around Malta and Gozo. The opening week will draw tourists and locals alike to Valletta towards cultural events, entertainment, music, and so much more. Exhibitions and events will also be happening during the week of the 20th January. This will serve as the perfect time to discover Valletta at its glory.


On the 20th January, Erba’ Pjazez (Four Squares) will be hosting original spectacles every hour at various locations including Triton Square, St George’s Square, St John’s Square and Castille Square.


A variety of activities will be happening around Valletta for the entire week leading up to the official opening. The events are divided into six different themes including:


2018 is definitely going to be a good year for Valletta.


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