ECO certification for AX The Palace

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20th October 2016

ECO certification for The Palace, Sliema


AX The Palace, Sliema has again received the ECO Certification award, by the Malta Tourism Authority, for the next two years.


This certification is essential, being the national scheme for guaranteeing the environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural sustainability of hotels on the Maltese Islands and has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council as fully reflecting the GSTC criteria.


Furthermore, this certification respects a number of environmental practices that AX The Palace has implemented over the years, in its constant effort to protect the environment and improve the Hotel’s corporate social responsibility programme. In order to be eligible for this certification award, the Hotel had to achieve several standards’, namely the sustainability management system, waste management, control of chemical, air quality, noise, local culture and natural surroundings and communication with customers amongst other points. An audit by a third-party is done every two years to confirm that the Hotel is meeting the required criteria.


Commenting on this certification, the Hotel’s manager, Kevin Callus said that AX The Palace, guarantees that guests enjoys a pleasant, safe and responsible stay whilst respecting and maintaining the natural habitat of our islands. “We are delighted to attain this certification as ‘green’ operations will affect in several direct benefits that our hotel is furthering from, including lower energy and water consumption, waste reduction, reduction of purchasing costs and higher profitability. Consequently, all these benefits will lead to an augmented customer satisfaction and fulfilment when staying at AX The Palace, Sliema,” said Mr Callus.


This scheme was launched by the MTA in 2002 and today represents approximately 16% of hotel accommodation or 22 hotels, and 7 farmhouses in Gozo.

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