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AX The Palace is ranked as one of the Best hotels in Malta and one of the Best luxury hotels in Malta


News just in! AX The Palace has made the list for KAYAK’s Best Hotels for 2019 and Best Luxury Hotels for 2019. This 5-star hotel in Sliema has generated a score of 8.2/10 on the popular travel engine, boosting its position into the top 1% of all properties listed on the KAYAK website. In light of this, KAYAK has awarded AX The Palace with its 2019 KAYAK Travel Award, ranking it as one of the Best Hotels in Malta and one of the Best Luxury Hotels in Malta!


This new award comes in the form of a ‘Best Hotel 2019’ and a ‘Best Luxury Hotel 2019’ badge, which can be viewed on AX The Palace’s KAYAK listing.


KAYAK is a leading global travel site that has revolutionised the travel industry since it launched in 2004. The website lists over 2.6 million properties and over 2 billion users conduct searches on it every year. KAYAK provides travel information to help its users find the best options for their travels.


In the past 15 years, the company has grown from a small team of 14 employees to over 1000 driven members, whose joint goal is to continue providing the travel tools that will help people discover more of the world.


Book your stay at AX The Palace, one of Malta’s leading hotels!

Kayak - Best Hotel 2019
Kayak - Best Luxury Hotel 2019
Kayak - Best Hotel 2019

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