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Congratulations Maria Farrugia and Alfred Tanti!


Working at AX The Palace has its perks, especially if you’re an employee who strives hard to succeed.


The Malta Tourism Authority holds a yearly event to recognise and reward such employees, also known as the Special Thanks and Recognition Award. The Star Awards have been running for 12 years and they are the perfect opportunity to reward hardworking employees on their successful merits. The reward process is based on tourists’ opinions which gives the visitors the opportunity to express their appreciation towards the persons who made their holiday spectacular.


Here at the AX The Palace, two hardworking employees were finalists in the 2018 Star Awards night – Maria Farrugia and Alfred Tanti.


Both Maria Farrugia, a chef at AX The Palace, and Alfred Tanti who works in maintenance at AX The Victoria Hotel, genuinely deserved all the recognition that they got on the night as their hard work shined throughout the years.


Furthermore, AX The Palace was also nominated as one of the finalists for the ‘Most Nominated Hotel’ by tourist visits.


‘We are very proud of both these employees for their hard work and commitment towards our hotel’, Kevin Callus, General Manager of AX The Palace claims. ‘It is a huge honour for us, also as a hotel, to be recognised by MTA and to be rewarded such awards. We always want to create the best possible #AXperience for all our guests’.


Congratulations to Maria Farrugia and Alfred Tanti!


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AX The Palace - MTA Awards

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