Alan Warren has been appointed Restaurant Manager at TemptAsian

Welcome on Board!


TemptAsian, one of Malta’s best places to find a fusion of Asian cuisines recently announced the appointment of Mr Alan Warren Cefai as the new Restaurant Manager.


Alan started off his career in the catering industry 24 years ago where he started off as a chef.  He worked his way up to become the restaurant manager. No doubt Alan is a welcome and timely addition to the team at TemptAsian, situated on the 9th floor at AX The Palace, and brings with him a wealth of experience garnered at some of Malta’s most iconic restaurants. He got introduced to the culinary world when he started off studying in ITS and continued to further his studies in the world-renowned Ashburton Chefs Academy, where he graduated. He also studied to become a sommelier. So, if ever in doubt of what wine to choose with your meal – Alan can be there to assist you.


Joining TemptAsian is a calculated challenge for Alan who has a passion for the culinary industry and is ready to uncover the secrets of the fusion cuisine. Alan is already looking forward to a busy festive period and has great plans to ensure that TemptAsian retains its position as the evening destination for clients with a passion for Asian cuisines.

Alan Warren

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