Outstanding Service Award for AX The Palace

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8th May 2017

Outstanding Service Award for AX The Palace, Sliema


Sliema’s five-star luxury hotel, AX The Palace has been awarded the Outstanding Service Award by the Business Network International (BNI).


This honour was awarded to AX The Palace for the service it offers to two chapters of BNI, the Verdala Chapter and Pinto de Fonseca Chapter which meet once a week, at the hotel.  In August, AX The Palace will celebrate its 10th year from opening and this achievement reaffirms the dedication shown by the management of this hotel and its staff, to completely delight and satisfy their clients.


“We are committed to making a difference every day. This award will serve as an encouragement to strive to understand our client and guests needs even more and this can be done by listening to their requirements and responding in a competent, accurate and timely fashion,” said Mr Kevin Callus, Hotel Manager for AX The Palace and The Victoria Hotel, Sliema.


These awards, organised by BNI, recognise, and celebrate the achievements of several Malta BNI members.  BNI offers its members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and, most importantly, business referrals. BNI is an international community of businesses which meet weekly in small groups, called chapters. There are over 6000 chapters worldwide, 6 of which are in Malta and each chapter only contains one business that offers any service.

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