AX The Palace Staff Awards for 2017

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We Love to Reward our Employees for their Successes and their Achievements


Working at AX The Palace in Sliema is not all about hard work. We also love to reward our employees for their successes and their achievements.


Mr Kevin Callus, General Manager at AX The Palace, believes that ‘rewarding your employees is very important. Appreciating hard work is one of the most solid motivators in the work place. So at the beginning of each year, a process is carried out to nominate and reward employees who have shown potential and determination during that year’.


Here are the 2017 winners for AX The Palace:


Ambitious Award – Summer 2017

Ariel Lungay


Trustworthy Award – Winter 2017

Audrey Fenech


MTA Star Awards and Finalists

Ivana Djonovic


Smile Champion

Neil Cauchi


Best Department Award 2017



TripAdvisor Award 2017

Andrew Toth


Congratulations to all!

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