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AX Hotels Sliema introduces a Braille Menu

29th March 2017

AX Hotels Sliema introduces a Braille Menu


Talk of Town Café, found at AX The Palace, Sliema, have created a Braille version of their menu to make their services accessible for customers with a visual impairment.


The menus were launched at Talk of Town Café in partnership with FITA (Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility) Malta, who with their expertise and equipment, helped to design and emboss the menu. The management at the hotel wants to ensure that everyone should have a great dining experience at AX The Palace, and be able to fully enjoy the delicious food offered at Talk of Town Café. This outlet combines fashionable dining, exquisite food, and an array of fine wines and cocktails to create a vibrant and distinctive experience to be enjoyed by all guests.


“This initiative aims to provide comfort and independence to clients with visual impairment.  The menu features food and beverage items and prices in a large font and in Braille. Regular ink print, with larger letter sizes, was also printed on the menu, which can be more easily read by people with low vision.” said James Galea, Operations Manager at AX The Palace and AX The Victoria Hotel.

Stanley Debono, FITA CEO, had words of praise for this ingenuity, adding that “Talk of Town Café has managed to impress our vision-impaired community with its active interest in the introduction of a Braille version of their menu. Thanks to the assistance of the staff at this outlet, people with visual impairment can feel at home.”

Mr Joseph Cauchi from local NGO, ADVICE said that although he doesn’t know how to read Braille, “the way this menu is designed makes it easy for any person, including those with low vision, to read and understand it. Like everyone else, we appreciate the fact that places like Talk of Town Café are clearly showing respect and accessibility to clients, including the vision-impaired community. No doubt that this accessible and inclusive menu will make the experience more pleasurable for us.”

“At The Palace and all other hotels within the AX Hotels group, we strive to go beyond what is required, push boundaries, think out of the box and be leaders in the industry, in order to provide a comfortable and memorable stay for our guests.” said Kevin Callus, Hotel Manager at AX The Palace and The Victoria Hotel.