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Sunday Buffet Lunch at The Tabloid is Back!

Sunday Buffet Lunch at The Tabloid is Back!

A family feast every Sunday


Sunday lunch has become a staple tradition among the Maltese, so much so that families gather every week for a feast. You can do the very same at The Tabloid with our Sunday lunch offer, back from 26th September.

Indulge in a plated starter, followed by our assisted buffet including various pasta and homemade soup options, together with our sumptuous, themed tables: TemptAsian, Mexican and Carvery, and lastly, take your pick from the hot dishes section which includes a selection of poultry and fish. Top it all off with a selection of cheese boards, ice-cream flavours and sweets from our dessert table.

AX The Palace Sunday Lunch Desserts


Adults: €36.95 | Kids: €12.00 (5-12yrs)

Enjoy your Sunday lunch at The Tabloid!

Reserve your table to avoid disappointment!


½ bottle of wine, ½ bottle of water and a soft drink


Plated Starter

Asparagus and quail egg salad, crispy Parma ham and balsamic dressing
Prawn and crab cake on Thai coconut cream served with Asian salad in a crispy basket
Warm breaded goat cheese served with petit salad in a crispy basket and salsa verde

From the Buffet

Pasta & Soup

Pumpkin and ginger soup with smoked duck

Pasta parcels with fresh Mediterranean prawn mousse, prawn and basil reduction

Casarecce pasta served in a wild mushroom ragout, pine nuts, rucola and parmesan shavings

TemptAsian Table

Thai chicken curry

Egg fried rice

Peking duck

Mexican Table

Beef burritos

Nachos served with guacamole

Black & red kidney re-fried beans


Roast beef with a burgundy emulsion

Leg of lamb, herb croutes and rosemary jus

Hot Dishes

Poached monkfish served with roasted leeks and fennel, mussel and champagne cream

Roast chicken on a thyme & lardoons roast winter vegetables with roasting juices

Veal parcels wrapped in Parma ham and basil, set on a pea puree with puy lentil jus

Grilled vegetables, pesto and pecorino filo tartlets

French beans scented with lemon

Roast celeriac and parsnip with sweet paprika

Dauphinoise potatoes

Almond croquettes

The Cheese Board

A selection of cheese prepared by our cheese master served with celery, grapes, walnuts and water biscuits

Ice-cream Parlour

Ice-creams and sorbets served with chocolate chips candied fruits, coulis, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and flaked coconuts

Dessert Table

Supreme selection of desserts complemented with fruit coulis and chocolate sauces

Coffee & Petit Fours


For bookings kindly contact +356 2133 3444 or email us here!

Offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

Complimentary parking, subject to availability.

Valid till June 2022

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