Rooftop Outdoor Pool

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You’re Only One Swim Away from a good mood

For those hot summer days, you can go up and relax at the breathtaking rooftop outdoor pool in Malta, set on the 9th floor of AX The Palace – the highest point in Sliema to enjoy 360-degree views.

Check out our exciting offers for days by the pool and for late night swimming to find out more about our special summer prices. You can also relax and unwind at the rooftop Pool Bar or dine at TemptAsian that boasts beautiful views of the historical bastions of Valletta, Malta’s capital city.

Our rooftop outdoor pool is not simply for swimming. It can also be transformed into the venue of your dreams. You can plan a perfect wedding reception with the adjoining restaurant in TemptAsian. You can organise a staff party in which drinks and an outdoor reception area are a must. You can even plan a romantic evening with your loved one to watch the sunset while sipping a few drinks from Lounge 360. Your options are endless!

AX The Palace - Outdoor Pool

Opening Hours:

Open daily from 09:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs
Summer season i.e. May to October (weather permitting)

Open daily from 09:30 hrs till 16:30 hrs
Winter season i.e. October to May (weather permitting)

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