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Maltese Breakfast (every Saturday)


Bongu! Every Saturday, at The Tabloid, you can wake up to the smell of a Maltese feast for breakfast for only €18! There’s no better way to experience the traditional lifestyle than eating like the locals. From traditional Maltese bread and pastizzi to fried liver with garlic and Maltese sausages – you can taste it all! And don’t forget the Maltese pastries – they’re to die for!

Sample Maltese Breakfast Menu 

Kolazzjon Malti || A Taste of Malta


Minn tal-Bidwi || From the Farmer

Traditional tomato paste

Green olives and black olives

Sundried tomatoes


Olive oil

Pickled onions

Boiled eggs marinated in vinegar

Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, sliced onions, shredded carrots

Fresh and dried goofs plain and peppered cheese

Selection of fruits


Tal-Halib || The Milk Man

Benna plain, fruit and low-fat yoghurt

Fresh, full and skimmed milk Goat’s Milk


Il-Furnar || From the Baker

Maltese hobzoa and ftajjar

Pastizzi ricotta | Cheese pies

Pastizzi pizelli | Pea pies

Pastizzi tal-fenek | Rabbit pies

Qassatat spinaci u incova | Spinach and anchovy pies

Goat’s butter


Hot Dishes

Fwied moqli bit-tewm | Fried liver with garlic

Pork and beef sausages

Zalzett Malti mixwi |

Maltese style sausage made of minced pork, garlic, coriander, parsley and sea salt

Perzut tal-koxxa | Smoked gammon

Balbuljato (V) | Fried tomatoes, onions and eggs

Kapunato  (V) |

Saute of mixed peppers, tomatoes, capers and olives

Froga tal-haxix (V) | Vegetable omelette

Fried eggs and Scrambled eggs


Id-Dulcier || From the Pastry

Selection of cereals

Dried fruits, nuts and seeds

Honey, fruit jams, slimline jams and marmalade

A selection of Maltese pastries and biscuits

Qaghaq tal-hmira

Biskuttini tar-rahal Ottijiet

Pudina tal-hobz


Bevandi || Drinks

Traditional Maltese coffee roasted and infused with chicory, ground cloves and anisette

Te fit-tazza bil-halib


Ruggata tal-orzata | Almond drink

Orange juice

Fresh cold pressed juice

Carrot and celery juice

Beetroot and apple


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Valid until June 2019. 

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