Maltese Food Night

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Maltese Food Night (every Monday from 18:30hrs onwards)


Embark on a local culinary journey every Monday at The Tabloid, and let us show you the very best of Maltese cuisine. Experience the authentic flavours of what the Maltese Islands have to offer. From ‘kawlata’ to Maltese canoli, our wide selection of authentic Maltese dishes will leave you wanting more.


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Sample Maltese Night Menu


Cold Counter

Selection of meat and fish antipasto, stuffed artichokes, octopus salad, roast eggplant with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and olives, Maltese sausage salad, snails with Maltese aioli, bigilla with condiments, Maltese cheese pie, fish cakes, fresh & peppered goat cheese with galletti



Ham hock minestrone soup



Pasta filled with ricotta and parsley topped with fresh tomato sauce

Maltese style baked pasta



Roast pork with sausage filling


Main Courses

Grilled tuna with a tomato & caper salsa

Pan fried lampuki, lemon sauce

Fried rabbit with red wine & garlic sauce

Ricotta and mixed herbs stuffed marrows

Cabbage and bacon soufflé

Roast potatoes with fennel and tomato


Cheese Board

A variety of hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses served with water biscuits, grissini, homemade chutneys, nuts and grapes



Date pie, honey rings, strawberry cake, Maltese cannoli, Coffee layer gateaux, fresh fruit display, nougat


Adults: €29.95 per person
Children (7-12yrs): €10 per child
Including 1/2 bottle of wine & 1/2 bottle of water


Complimentary Parking, Subject to Availability.
Valid until June 2020.

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