Nepalese Week

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Nepalese cuisine includes elements from Nepal and it features dishes with a distinctive flavour and taste. From the 28th of October until the 3rd of November, TemptAsian is offering a special 4-course menu where you can taste Nepalese delicious cuisine. From rich lamb stew to vegetable masala, you cannot go wrong with this menu!


You can also taste a truly special Nepalese cocktail for a refreshing ending note to your meal.


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Sample Nepalese Week Menu



Lamb momo
Vegetable samosa
Masala prawn
Vegetable pakora served with green chutney, raita and home made pickle



Vegetable and lamb soup



Badami Chicken
Chicken cooked with cashew nut, ginger, cardamom pots and coconut cream


Khasi ko masu
Lamb cooked with cinnamon, star anise, bay leaves onions, tomatoes and fresh chilli


Bari ki sabji
Fresh vegetables cooked with Nepali aroma spices


Basmati rice cooked with dry spices and ghee butter


Tandoori naan bread



Kulfi and coconut ice cream


Themed Cocktail

Mango purée
Dark spiced rum
Cinnamon, cloves and cumin infused syrup


€35 per person
Including 1/2 bottle of wine & 1/2 bottle of water


Complimentary Parking, Subject to Availability.
Valid until June 2020.

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