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AX The Palace - Christmas Day Early Buffet Breakfast

Christmas Day Early Buffet Breakfast

Start your day right this Christmas by having your Early Buffet Breakfast at AX The Palace. From a sushi selection to a hot buffet section, and even a local speciality corner - there's everything that you want and more.

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AX The Palace - Christmas Day Buffet Lunch

Christmas Day Buffet Lunch

Merry Christmas! It's finally Christmas Day - the day we have all been waiting for. And what better way to celebrate it than by having a buffet lunch at AX The Palace with all your family and friends. From antipasti, soup and pasta, a hot buffet section and a carvery aisle - you can surely taste it all at The Tabloid and the adjoining The Royal Hall!

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AX The Palace - New Years Eve Gala Buffet Dinner

New Year’s Eve Gala Buffet Dinner

It's the day before the magic happens. Join us at The Tabloid and The Royal Hall to celebrate New Year's Eve with your family and friends at a stylish and contemporary 5-star hotel. The fairy and wonderful festive decor will transport you into a fresh new year.

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AX The Palace - New Years Day Buffet Lunch

New Year’s Day Buffet Lunch

It's New Year's Day which means that there's cause for celebration. We recommend that you start your diets tomorrow because you simply cannot say no to our buffet lunch at The Tabloid and Royal Hall and make sure to leave room for dessert.

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AX The Palace - Saturday Tabloid Dinner

Dinner at The Tabloid Every Saturday

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an indulgent buffet dinner at The Tabloid. Happening every Saturday throughout the month of December, AX The Palace welcomes you to indulge in a festive buffet of antipasti, sushi, soups, pasta, roast turkey and other mouth-watering hot dishes.

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AX The Palace

Travel in Luxury and Save 40% Off Your Stay!

Save 40% when booking your luxury stay. You deserve a luxury escape and AX The Palace is the ideal 5 star hotel in Malta that will help you do just that. Our six designer suites embrace all the senses; Flavours, Light, Texture, Music, Fragrance and View while the Junior Suites are an all-rounder, encompassing style, luxury and comfort.

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