Your Guide to Spending Easter in Malta

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Various Processions and Activities Happening on the Island during Holy Week and Easter Day


Being that the island of Malta is very religious, Easter in Malta comes with a number of traditional events and activities. If you’ve booked your holiday in Malta during this time of year, you’ll definitely get to experience the island in its historic and classical element.


So, what can you expect during Easter time in Malta?


Religious Processions to Commence Holy Week

Before the Easter celebrations, the island commemorates the Holy Week. This week starts with the Friday preceding Good Friday. The statue of Our Lady of the Sorrows is carried in a procession throughout Valletta and other towns and villages across Malta and Gozo.

Parish Church

Visit Seven Churches in One Day

The eve of Good Friday is labelled as Maundy Thursday. Locals go visit seven different churches to pay homage to the Altars of Repose. A number of parishes create representations of the Last Supper and the entire Easter story.

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Various processions are held during Good Friday to commemorate The Passion of the Christ. The statues that are presented depict a particular episode of Christ’s journey towards his final moment. Various locals, adults and children alike, dress up as biblical figures, shepherds, Romans, Jewish priests and disciples. You will also see people dressed in white cloths and pointed hoods. These represent the faceless penitents and they are often seen carrying crosses or dragging chains on their feet. Apart from the processions, the day is bell-free and silent.

Good Friday

Easter Sunday Celebrations

After 40 days of Lent, it’s finally Easter Sunday and the Maltese are ready to celebrate. The ringing of the bells announces Christ’s resurrection. Easter Sunday starts off with a procession of the statue of the Risen Christ. Various bands and local traditional music is played during the procession. It is also traditional for the statues bearers to run to the top of the hill, carrying the statue of the Risen Christ on their shoulders.

Easter Procession

Enjoy Glorious Food

Easter celebrations are traditionally carried out by enjoying a family lunch. Various restaurants and hotels offer an extended menu for all the family to enjoy. Take a look at the Easter menu organised by AX The Palace. There’s something for everyone’s tastes.


Similar to other countries around the world, it’s also traditional to celebrate Easter with chocolate Easter eggs. However, the island will provide you with a localised food tradition for Easter. The ‘figolla’ is an almond-filled pastry in the shape of an Easter theme such as a rabbit, a lamb, a fish or a heart. This pastry is then covered in icing sugar in different colours. Don’t forget to pack some in your suitcase and take some for your friends and relatives back home!


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