Top Weekend Activities in Malta

Shopping, Sightseeing, drinking, and more


You’ve booked your flight and your accommodation is sorted at one of our Sliema hotels. But what do you do once you get here – especially during the weekend? You’ve probably heard all about Paceville but there’s more to Malta during the weekends than just the nightlife. So, if you’re not into clubbing and drinking, we’ve got you covered!


Shopping Next to Your Sliema Hotels

Sliema is one of the best places to carry out your shopping. There’s all you could possibly need, situated in one place. The Point Shopping Mall is the perfect example. You can shop till you drop and slowly tick off your shopping list. If you fancy a change in scenery, you can visit our Talk of Town cafeteria for a light lunch or choose from our selection of sweet treats at our cake buffet.


Explore the Streets in Valletta

Our capital city is always an exceptional place to visit. It’s even more extraordinary in the evenings. Take a stroll through the renovated Strada Stretta or enjoy a drink or two at the various pubs and wine bars across the city. Why not try our new Cheeky Monkey Gastropub located in Merchant Street? You can choose from a variety of cheeky cocktails and legendary burgers.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Distinct wine bars are present all over the island. Mdina is one of the top spots to enjoy a glass of wine during a relaxed evening with your special one. Also known as the ‘Silent City’, most of the wine bars in Mdina offer breath taking views of all the island. It’s the perfect setting to celebrate the weekend in style.

Palazzo Parisio - Dining in The Wine Celler

Watch the Sunset

Sunsets in Malta are spectacular. You and your loved one can relax and unwind over a bottle of wine. Or you can enjoy the sunset with friends and take unfiltered photos. The best spots in Malta to witness a glorious sunset are Top of the World in Ghargur, Ghajn Tuffieha and Dingli Cliffs. If you happen to be in Gozo, then Qala and Il-Qbajjar are the places to go.

Golden Bay Aerial View
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