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There’s no better time to experience the traditional Maltese way of life than during the village feast!


With September swiftly approaching, the people of the coastal town of Sliema are preparing to celebrate the Maltese village feast of St Gregory the Great on Sunday 1st September. If you’re staying in Sliema during the month of August, you will surely notice the build-up to the grand celebrations taking place throughout the streets. The people of Sliema are known to give a warm welcome to their visitors, so don’t be shy to join in the fun!


A Week of Festivities Building up to the Feast of St Gregory the Great

In the week before the Feast of St Gregory the Great in Sliema, the streets and Parish church are decorated with colourful lights, statues and ornaments. You can take a walk through Sliema at any time of the day and find ornate banners lining the streets. At night, the Parish church will shine with its beautiful lighting, while the local brass band marches through the streets.


When you hear the brass band making its way toward the church, make sure to join the crowd and march behind it! The march will end with a spectacular display of fireworks on Saturday 31 August, the eve of the feast day. Throughout the feast, you might also want to try local sweets, such as nougat and ‘Imqaret’ (deep-fried date cakes), pastizzi (traditional cheese cakes) and other delights!


The Modern Church in Sliema

The Parish Church dedicated to St Gregory the Great was founded in 1923, making it a rather modern building compared to other churches on the island. The church was upgraded to the status of a parish on the 22nd December 1943. On Sunday 1st September, the beautiful statue of the patron saint will be carried around Sliema in a procession leading up to the niche in the church of St Gregory the Great. If you have an eye for architecture, you’re bound to be fascinated by the simple beauty of this modern church.


So, spend some time exploring the village core during your stay, and you’ll soon fall in love with the little details that make each celebration so unique.

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