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Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta

History, Events and Activities on The Feast of St Paul’s

The feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta is one of the major public holidays and a religious feast on the island. The feast is to celebrate St Paul who is said to have been shipwrecked on Malta in 60AD. This event is celebrated every year on the 10th of February.

The History of St Paul’s Feast

The story goes that, the ship that St Paul was on, got caught in a storm on the way to Rome from Jerusalem. The strong winds blew the vessel on to the island’s shores. St Paul was highly welcomed and loved in Malta. The narrative also states that while St Paul was standing by a fire, he was bitten by a venomous snake. The saint was not injured in any way by the bite and the locals stood in awe. St Paul remained in Malta for three months and then parted ways to continue on his original journey.

St Paul’s Feast Valletta

One of the event’s main highlight is St Paul’s Feast Valletta. The Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck is one of Valletta’s oldest churches. It dates back to 1570. The feast is mainly celebrated by masses and band marches across Valletta. On the day of the event, the statue is taken out in the procession across Valletta. The church even holds a relic of the right-wrist bone of the saint and a piece of the column he was beheaded on in Rome.

Attractions and Events on The Day

  • Mass and services at The Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck in Valletta.
  • Witness the procession and marching band in the streets of Valletta. It normally starts in Republic Street and makes its way along the capital.
  • The fireworks over the Grand Harbour on the day, followed by an 8 am mass.

The St Paul’s Feast is not a day to be missed. Book your stay at AX The Palace in Sliema to experience traditional Maltese elements. Valletta is only one ferry ride away!

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