Medieval Mdina Festival

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Travel Back in Time and Experience Mdina in the Medieval Ages


For the 10th year running, Medieval Mdina Festival is back for its two full days of magic at Malta’s silent city of Mdina. The festival in 2018 will be held on the 5th and 6th of May during which there will be re-enactments, spectacular knights in battle, Medieval markets and music, falconry, exhibitions, food and more!


Mdina, Malta’s Old Capital City

Mdina is known to be Malta’s official silent city. It is a fortified city in the Northern Region of the island. It is noted to be one of the highest points in Malta which is why it served as the island’s capital from antiquity to the medieval period. The city is currently still surrounded by fortified walls and it is very close to the village of Rabat.


Its cobbled streets, winding alleys and magnificent architecture is what makes Mdina such a touristic place that is loved by both foreigners and locals alike. This city’s history is portrayed through its vivid architecture, its quiet roads and breath-taking views from above. But what if we told you that you can almost travel back in time and experience Mdina as the Knights saw it?


About the Medieval Mdina Festival

The Medieval Mdina Festival is specifically that – celebrating Mdina in its medieval time! It’s a fun activity for all the family and Mdina is packed with activities for two whole days.


Enjoy Malta’s history through re-enactments by both local and foreign acts, together with Medieval music and concerts. There will be locals dressed in elegant and medieval costumes dancing around the quaint streets of the silent city. There are also scheduled sword fights, a falconry area and you can taste an exquisite cuisine while at the festival.


The festival will also feature a medieval kitchen in which you can taste all the traditional food that was typical of those times. Make sure to taste a glass of wine!

Mdina Festival

Kids’ Activities at the Festival

When we said fun for all the family, we really meant it. There are various activities for the kids to enjoy and learn about Mdina’s history in a simplified way. The days are packed with adventures for the little ones such as parades, magic shows, live music, flag throwing contests and impromptu re-enactments.


Enjoy Mdina at its best at the Medieval Mdina Festival. You can also make the most of its touristic attractions such as The Mdina Dungeons and Palazzo Falson at a reduced price.

Mdina Festival

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Photo credits go to ViewingMalta.com

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