Why You Should Visit Malta in 2018

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The Sun, The Sea, Culture, History, and more!


Lonely Planet chose the top ten countries to visit in 2018 and Malta was on the list! Reigning at number 6, Lonely Planet picked our Maltese Islands as one of the top countries worthy of visiting this year. And here’s why!

Valletta Malta

European Capital of Culture 2018

2018 is a big year for Malta, especially for the capital city, Valletta. Various events and activities will be happening around Malta and Gozo to commemorate this year. It all kicks off from the 14th to the 21st of January. An exciting cultural programme is planned for this year-long celebration including musical performances, baroque activities, historical events, local feasts and more!

Valletta 2018

The Weather

As The Lonely Planet rightly pointed out, Malta has ‘more than 300 annual days of sunshine’. It’s the ideal location to enjoy a relaxed and chilled out holiday. Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, everybody loves the beach, dipping your toes in the sand and simply loving the laid-back life.

Sliema Beach

The History

Malta is rich in history and architecture. If you simply step into Valletta or, Malta’s silent city Mdina, you will get all the confirmation that you need. From pre-historic temples to hidden tunnels and catacombs, Malta has been through it all.


The Cuisine

You’ve never seen anything like it. Malta is known for its traditional dishes including Maltese bread, pastizzi, rabbit, beef olives, Maltese sausage, and more! We even have our own soft-drink, Kinnie – a bittersweet flavour verging to the taste of orange. This drink holds a love-hate relationship with tourists and locals alike!


Sister Island of Gozo

Simply a ferry away, Gozo is a spectacular extension to Malta. It’s the perfect example of when the grass is greener on the other side – Gozo is smaller and more rural. Hiking, climbing, sightseeing, and biking are very common here.


Your decision is really easy! Choose Malta in 2018. Book your stay at AX The Palace in Sliema to be taken care of in the most exceptional manner.

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