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Sliema Seafront

Spending an Afternoon in Sliema

You’ve just landed on the sunny island of Malta and you’re staying at one of our hotels in Sliema. If you’re looking for things to do in Sliema, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most vibrant cities on the island, Sliema is the ideal place to spend your afternoon and here’s why.

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Roger Muraro

An Interview with Roger Muraro

Take a look at our interview with Roger Muraro. The French pianist was hosted at AX The Palace during his first trip to Malta! Mr Muraro lets us know about his career, his go-to places in Malta and his #AXperience at our 5-star hotel in Sliema.

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Environmentally Friendly, Malta

Sustainable Travel in Sliema

In modern times, travelling is a part of our daily lives. Whether for work, leisure or education, many of us are hopping on planes and crossing borders in order to reach our next destination. At the same time, lots of individuals are constantly seeking ways in which to reduce the negative impact that travelling can...

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AX The Palace - Maltese Night

Get a Taste of Maltese Cuisine

The Maltese Themed Night at AX The Palace is a wonderful opportunity to taste the flavours of Malta, within the setting of a luxurious 5-star hotel. Maltese Nights take place every Monday at the 5-star The Tabloid restaurant, which is part of AX The Palace.

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Raoul Lay

A Conversation with Mro Raoul Lay

Sitting on the patio of Talk of Town Café, Mro Raoul Lay speaks candidly about his new appointment as Artistic Director of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). Having already visited Malta five times, Mro Lay’s sixth visit to the island marks an exciting new chapter in his professional journey.

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Luca Colombo

Renowned Guitarist Luca Colombo Back in Malta

Luca Colombo is back in Malta. This September, he made the recurring decision to stay at AX The Palace while in Malta to perform at the island’s biggest rock concert, Rockestra. Learn more about his stay and what he thinks about playing music in Malta.

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AX The Palace - Talk of Town Café

Talk of Town: A Café for All Occasions

Hungry, thirsty or just looking for a place to chat? Talk of Town Cafe at AX The Palace in Sliema is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're grabbing a quick snack, a light meal or a delicious dinner, this cafe is the place to be.

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