Visiting The Tabloid for Lebanese Night

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Start Your Weekend Right with Our Lebanese Night at The Tabloid


Even though you’re on your holiday in Malta, traditional Maltese food is not the only cuisine you can taste, especially if you’re staying at AX The Palace. Themed nights happen at The Tabloid in abundance and Lebanese Night might just be one of our favourites (but shh don’t tell the others!).


Here’s why you should visit The Tabloid on Lebanese Night.

AX The Palace - Lebanese Night

It All Happens on a Friday

Thank God it’s Friday, right? That’s why The Tabloid at AX The Palace celebrates the start of the weekend in style. Lebanese Night takes place every Friday evening. There is no place that we would rather be.


The Tabloid is located in the heart of Sliema

Sliema is one of the top touristic attractions on your holiday in Malta. It’s the perfect place for shopping, dining and general exploring of the island. Lebanese Night is the perfect ending to your day. It’s just the right environment and atmosphere you need after a day of exploring.


It’s All About the Food

The food is exquisite and the variety is endless. The menu has an array of items from the cold section such as Lebanese antipasti, natural salads and smoked fish but also a selection of Lebanese soups such as a lentil soup and lamb and pasta soup. The main courses are a mix of chicken, lamb, fish and even some vegetarian options as well. The pastry section is to die for, from Lebanese pies to fried pastries, accompanied by fruit coulis.

AX The Palace - Lebanese Night

The Experience of Another Culture

The great thing about Lebanese Night and all our other themed nights at The Tabloid is that you will get to experience a different culture in one night. You will never get bored eating at The Tabloid.

AX The Palace - Lebanese Night

Join us every Friday at AX The Palace and experience Lebanese food for €27.50 for adults and €12.00 for children (7-12 years).

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