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We’re Going Green!

Working towards a sustainable future for tourism!


At AX The Palace in Sliema, we believe in a sustainable future for tourism. We are one of the pioneers leading the way towards sustainable tourism and reducing the carbon footprint of the hotel industry in Malta.


As a Green Mobility Label Hotel, we are recognised by the Malta Tourism Authority for our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our hotel, while contributing positively to air quality in Malta and climate change on a wider scale. This is why AX The Palace is committed to incentivising all people connected to the hotel to avail of green mobility options.


The Green Mobility Policy integrates our commitment to promoting green mobility through promotion of alternative modes of transportation and reduction of fuel consumption, targeting guests, employees, tourists, suppliers and business associates that are connected to the hotel.


We lead by example. In order to reduce the number of employees travelling to and from the workplace in individual cars, we have implemented measures to facilitate the use of alternative methods of transportation. While deliveries are kept to a minimum and we try to choose locally sourced products, all drivers in the waiting area of the hotel are told to switch off the engines of idle vehicles. We provide secure bicycle parking sites and shared transport between the workplace and employees’ homes. Moreover, our employees can use our sleeping room between shifts, our onsite lockers and showers, and even reside in our staff quarters located in the vicinity.


Now, we also invite our guests to contribute to making their stay more eco-friendly. Such measures include providing shared shuttle transport to the airport and weekly cultural activities and promoting the use of the shared bikes and GOTO electric car sharing services, found in the vicinity of the hotel. The hotel itself provides designated parking spaces for shared cars, as well as having ‘Tal-Linja’ bus cards available to purchase from the hotel reception.
We are currently pursuing further initiatives to enhance the sustainability of our hotel, the near surroundings, and Malta as a whole. Look out for the latest news about our upcoming endeavours here.


If you have any suggestions on how AX The Palace can continue to improve and encourage guests to use sustainable travelling options when in Malta? Please get in touch!

Green Mobility

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